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Whether as an individual or a professional agency, Take yourself online and start making money from your very own set of skills in web design, mobile app development, marketing, accounting, content creation and more.

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It is Difficult To Get a Job These Days!
It is Difficult To Get a Job These Days!

It is Difficult To Get a Job These Days!

Even when you manage to get one, it doesn't pay well enough. You don't have to worry no more as Kiduchi is fixing this. You can now rent out your professional skills as a Kidupro to any company online. Whether you are an Accountant, a Software Developer, a Mobile App Developer, a Graphic Designer, or even a professional in Social Media Marketing. Thousands of companies are looking to pay for your services online. To get started, signup for free, create a professional profile, Post a service and start earning. You can list as many services as you like.

Services Other Pros are Renting Out

On Demand Skills other Professionals are Renting Out

Have companies come straight to you by renting out your top skills and services on Kiduchi. List as many services as you please and receive orders directly from companies and individuals around the world.

We’re Surprisingly Amazing

We’re Surprisingly Amazing

As a kidupro, you gain control on your revenues attract more clients and grow your business by unlocking your full digital potential.

  • Real-time Notifications on Every Job Post and New Order

    Get notified on mail every time a client orders for your service or posts a custom job/project.

  • List All Your Services on One Platform

    List each service you offer with their exact or estimated pricing. You can list as many services as possible.

  • Multiple Earning Methods

    You can either receive direct orders on your listed services or bid on jobs/projects posted by clients

  • Multiple Payout Methods

    Receive payouts either via PayPal, PayOneer, direct bank deposit or M-PESA

  • Dispute Management and Handling

    Easily raise and handle disputes seamlessly to resolution

Our Top Professionals

Join these Great Community

Join our ever growing team of professionals around the globe. Connect and collaborate with clients from all corners of the world. The work you get is of great quality to!

Internet Marketer
Email Verified Identity Verified Ekene M

Internet Marketer

Content Marketing Specialist
Email Verified Identity Verified Gloria N

Content Marketing Specialist

I will develop for you your dream website in a professional, elegant and timely manner.
Email Verified The007Developer

I will develop for you your dream website in a professional, elegant and timely manner.

Python Software Consultant
Email Verified Amelia T

Python Software Consultant

What Do I Need to Get Started?

All You Need to Start Earning
  • Your outstanding skills - Your success as a freelancer will be built around the unique skills you have to offer. Don’t hold back, it may be customer service, graphic design, photography, or financial modeling.
  • A verified kidupro account - You must be signed in with a fully filled profile, verified email address and identity documents for you to be eligible to offer services on Kiduchi.
  • A compelling portfolio - Though it is not mandatory while just starting, it helps establish your work quality by showcasing your accomplishments and past projects
  • Professionalism - It is critical you maintain a professional image across your profile as this will help build trust between you and the potential clients. Because you will be working virtually in most cases, trust is key.
  • How do I get started?

    It's easy to setup everything.

    All you need to do is to setup your profile, upload your identity documents, get verified, list your services and start earning.

  • How much will it cost me to start?

    it's totally free!

    You don't need to pay a single cent to start earning on Kiduchi! We only charge a 15% commission on every payment you receive for completing a job.

  • What services can I sell or rent out?

    Unlimited services to offer

    You can sell or rent out any services you wish as long as it does not violate the law in any way.

  • How much should I price my services?

    You are the boss

    You are 100% responsible for pricing your services. Just ensure that the price you set compliments the quality of your work. We also take up to 15% commission for every payment you receive. So you should consider this when setting up the pricing.

  • How much money can I make?

    Earn without limits

    There's no limit when it comes to earning on Kiduchi, you can earn as much as possible depending on how many clients you convince to hire you. 

  • How do I receive payments?

    You choose the payment channel

    Before you start work, the client must deposit the amount on escrow. After confirming the job is complete, the funds are transferred to you either via PayPal, Payoneer, Bank transfer or Mobile payment. You will setup the payment channel in your profile


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