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 1. Post the Job

Simply post the job or task you need to get done, whether it is recurring,  long term or short term project.

 2. Receive Bids not CVs

Kidupros will start bidding on your job each with competitive prices and skills for you to choose.

 3. Pick a professional

Review the bids, once you find the perfect match for your project, proceed and assign them the task and keep track of the progress.

 4. Get the job done

Receive updates on milestones, review the project and ensure everything is in order and authorize payment to Kidupro.

Who is a Kidupro?

Freelance Professional

A Kidupro is an independent, vetted and verified modern professional, ready to offer their professional services virtually via Kiduchi without you necessarily recruiting them as your employees. Kidupros can work remotely from any location/ country or onsite depending on your requirements. They can also serve companies of all sizes ranging from startups to large corporations.

Kidupros offer services ranging from Marketing to Design, to Tech. Due to their flexibility, they are always on standby to start working on your projects anywhere anytime.


Why work with Kidupros?

Modern business Solutions

With kidupros, you can run your entire Company with a team of highly qualified, skilled and experienced remote professionals at  a pocket friendly cost. Since Kidupros are independent professionals, they help you drastically reduce overheads. Advantages of working with Kidupros include;

  • They are not entitled to a monthly salary or any employee benefits.
  • They only get paid when they complete a task or achieve a milestone
  • Their only goal is to deliver as required without stressing the client.
  • They are responsible for their own work resources e.g. workstation, internet connection, software and licenses.

Explore Service Categories

Search jobs by categories

logos, banners, packaging designs, product mock-up, brochures, flyers etc.


SEO Optimization, Social Media & Email Marketing, Marketing Strategists, Lead Generation etc.


Corporate, Contractual, Criminal, Family & Intellectual Property Laws, Legal Research.


Virtual Assistants, Web Researchers, Project Managers, email Handlers, data entry etc.


Computer Networking, Systems & DB Administration, Linux Systems etc.


websites, desktop apps, mobile apps, games, E commerce & all application development etc.


Bookkeepers, Excel Experts, Quick-books Specialists, Taxes etc.


Blog posts, Product Descriptions, eBooks, News letters, contracts & Agreements.


Awesome Collaboration Tools

Collaborate At Ease
Real time Notifications on all account activities.
All Service Providers’ Identities have been verified
Attractive, Simple and User Friendly Dashboard
Browse service providers’ profile and portfolios
Escrow Deposit System For Service Payments
Authorize Payment After Service Delivery
Multiple And Secure Payment Methods
Flexible Payment Terms of Up to 90 Days.
Cash Refunds After Job / Project Cancellation.
Downloadable invoices for accounting purposes
Real-time Messaging System On the platform
Host Audio/ Video Conferences for Projects.
Disputes Resolution and Management System
24 /7  Support via Calls and  Social Media
Rate and Review Professionals for their work
On The Go Mobile App (Coming Soon).

Get a Job Done

Buy professional services, browse service providers' profiles, assign jobs and projects to experts and interact with qualified Kidupros on the site.

Become a Kidupro

Sell professional services, browse jobs & projects, bid on jobs, get hired and receive payments for successfully completed tasks and projects.


Limitless Experience

Roam Around With Your Business

You will get the best experience with our new mobile app. The app will include all the features on the website plus more. With it, you will get instant notifications whenever there's an activity involving your account. For example, notification on a new job post in your skill category for freelancers and new proposal notification for clients.

Once the app is ready,  it will be available on both Google play and Apple App stores. "Kiduchi".  Direct download links will also be available below.